How do you use Tiger Balm?


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How and why use tiger balm?

Tiger Balm was born from a mixture of natural herbal herbs in the 19th century.

Since then, it has made people all over the world happy to alleviate various evils. In fact, tiger balm is best known for its natural properties.

As soon as it is applied to the area to be treated, the pain gradually subsides and disappears after a while.

Its application is characterized either by a feeling of warmth or a feeling of freshness depending on the type of balm.

It turns out that the red balm provides an intense warmth sensation to calm the pain while the white balm cools the muscles to heal them.

In any case, this miracle remedy works on all parts of the body, except the mucous membranes and eyes. It is also prohibited to use it orally because it contains a large amount of camphor.

Some instructions for use

massage with tiger balm The use of this soothing cream is not complex. Simply apply it to the area of pain. And if you want to target a wider area, it will have to be applied widely.

This ointment can be used in different ways.

  1. Muscular pains: indeed, it is impregnated directly at the level of the pain to relieve. Tiger balm is an analgesic with a soothing action to relieve muscular pains. As a result, it is highly appreciated by sportsmen and women from all over the world.
  2. Back pain: to treat back pain, this ointment is applied to the back and thorax.
  3. Coughing: it is applied to the chest. The feeling of warmth acts in the body to improve your health.
  4. Arthritis: for a better blood and energy circulation, the tiger balm heats your body. To do this, apply it to painful areas.
  5. Headaches: in this case, the tiger balm is used on the temples or forehead, according to your preferences.
  6. The nose is clogged: simply impregnate it under the nose in a delicate way.
  7. Inflammations: in this context, it will be necessary to apply them to aching muscles, especially on the joints.
  8. ENT disorders: Tiger balm is effective in curing certain ENT disorders such as sinusitis or rhinitis. To do so, this ointment is applied by friction on the chest or inhalation.
  9. Insect bites: just put a little balm on the bitten area to relieve the pain.

After any use, it is imperative to wash hands thoroughly and keep the balm out of the reach of children. This precaution is essential, as the tiger balm is only for internal use.

Since there are 2 variants of tiger balm, their composition and effect are not quite the same.

Red tiger balm

This version is particularly indicated for inflammation, muscle pain, osteoarticular, lumbar weakness and back pain. It is applied on the painful area in a fast and quite powerful way.

In other words, a simple massage is not enough, as it will only slow down the effect of the balm. Especially since friction improves the heating effect of the balm.

It turns out that the warm sensation is generated by camphor, while the cold sensation comes from menthol. Which leads to seeing the ingredients of the red balm.

The red balm is essentially composed of:

  • Menthol 10%
  • Camphor 11 /% Camphor
  • Essential oil of clove 5% – Clove essential oil
  • Essential oil of cajeput 7% – Essential oil of cajeput
  • Peppermint oil: 6%.
  • Cinnamon essence, in particular Chinese 5%.

White Tiger Balm

White tiger balm is an effective remedy for nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis, cough, colds, colds, headaches and insect bites. If you’re planning to go on an escapade in wetland areas, this equipment is essential to relieve mosquito bites.

Concerning its components, the elements of the white balm are:

  • Menthol 8%
  • Camphor 11%
  • Essential oil of clove 1,5%
  • Essential oil of Cajeput 13%
  • Peppermint oil: 16%.
  • Cinnamon essence, in particular Chinese cinnamon, the quantity of which is not determined

It is therefore crucial to choose the right balm according to your needs, because their properties differ in a few points. The red tiger balm gives warmth while the white tiger balm is used for refreshing alternatives.

Why use tiger balm ?

Tiger balm contains quality ingredients that guarantee immediate effects. The fact that they are quite expensive encourages some manufacturers to replace some of these components.

This is precisely the case for products marketed in France, most of which are copies of the genuine tiger balm. Above all, you should not be surprised if their effectiveness is limited.

To discover authentic products from Eastern countries, it will be necessary to go on the spot as import constraints block the arrival of these products.

In addition to this, tiger balms are cheaper in their country of origin.

The benefits of tiger balm

The usefulness of this ointment’s balm lies in its effectiveness.

Then, its benefits are considerable. For this reason, he is considered one of the world leaders in topical analgesics. Its soothing action relieves muscular pains in a relatively short time.

In fact, some friction is enough to soothe the sore areas of your body.

Tiger balm also owes its exceptional effectiveness to its unique formulation.

Its main ingredients are camphor, menthol, mint oil, cajeput essential oil, clove essential oil and Chinese cinnamon essence and have each of the virtues apreciated.

To fix the ointment, a paraffin is used.

The secret of the tiger balm

To take advantage of the virtues of this ointment, you must rub the balm instead of making it penetrate. As soon as the zone starts to heat up, you can stop rubbing. That’s when the tiger balm will work.

Repeat this operation for more results. This application should be able to give you a pleasant feeling of warmth followed by a cold sensation, however, you should check the precautions before using the tiger balm.

In general, this is the principle of the “tiger balm”.

Therefore, the balm is persistent after friction. So wash your hands thoroughly so that you don’t leave any substances that could harm your health.

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