What’s the difference between red, white, ultra and soft tiger balm?


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Since the tiger balm comes in two forms, each version has its own particularity in terms of both composition and actions. These include red balm and white balm. However, there are also other balms such as ultra balm and soft balm. These are distinguished by their properties. In order to differentiate these four balms offered in the trade, we will see one by one each product.

Red Tiger Balm

This is the most famous form of this Chinese ointment. In fact, this version of the tiger balm contains a relatively high proportion of mint oil compared to white balm. It is also characterized by its red color that it holds the essence of cajeput. In terms of use, it is rather recommended to relieve inflammation and various muscular pains.

White balm

White Tiger BalmWhite tiger balm is especially indicated for headaches, coughs, colds and insect bites, especially those of mosquitoes. It turns out that this ointment can treat many diseases of the O.R.L (Otorhinolaryngology). White tiger balm is the most common of the two existing varieties. In its composition, it contains eucalyptus oil as an additional ingredient.

Ultra Balm

Ultra Tiger BalmThis balm is renowned for its ayurvedic properties, just like monkey balm. Therefore, it is recommended to relieve muscular pains associated with overwork, torticollis, back pain and any other musculoskeletal problems. In its application, it improves the circulation of energy and blood in the treated area. In addition, it is the best ally to clear the airways. To do this, the ultra balm is to be applied on the chest and on the back in case of cough.

The soft balm

As its name suggests, soft tiger balm is a sweet product. Indeed, it is much softer than the classic balms available on the market. This particularity allows it to be used on sensitive skins and areas. Despite these indications, it is safer not to apply it to the mucous membranes or near the eyes. If not, the soft balm is the ideal remedy to relieve congested nose and headache, as it is effective in fighting the symptoms of cooling.

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